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Coralie Arnoult


Originally trained in ballet, contemporary and theatre, Coralie ARNOULT joined contemporary dance Cobosmika SEED's Junior Company where she worked choreographers such as Anton Lachky, Hofesh Shechter and Lali Ayguadé. Since 2012, she has been performing for Pieds Ingénus and Béa Buffin companies and is now part of the Inosbadan company last piece "Volte", mixing contemporary dance and dance on harness. She joined the Orobanches in 2018.

Passionate about connecting dance to other artistic disciplines and mixing them to convey meaning, Coralie uses her insatiable curiosity and varied background to explore movement improvisation. As part of her theatric experience, she learned how to work from a defined character, to make it live and move, and to make it dance and talk at the same time. Curious about all forms of performing arts, she is now practicing mime and clown techniques in order to incorporate them in her upcoming choreographies.

As part of this research, she created "Poire" in 2017.

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