© Jonathan Arnoult

"Poire" ("Pear") portrays a perfect housewife, waiting for her husband to return from work. Everything is ready... but the roast. This small hitch drives her body crazy.

Taking an advertising cliché as a starting point, the solo tries to reveal what lies underneath this perfect normative image of femininity. Smile, patience, softness, restraint... if you scratch the surface, you realize how unbearable this image can prove to be if you try to fit in perfectly. This well-educated body resists and doesn't want to bend. The choreography explores through improvisation tasks this separation between mind and body, this movement that happens to her despite her will.



Cortoindanza XI Festival




© Pierre NGuyen

© Benoît Martrenchar

Collectif Orobanches, Bordeaux, France - orobanchesrameuses@gmail.com  

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